Save More Puppies Without the Stress

The Industry-Leading Whelping Box That Helps Eliminate…

  • Suffocation caused by roaming and make-shift heating pads
  • Neglect caused by the mother’s discomfort
  • ​​The fire hazard of overhead lamps
  • check
    Getting up through the night in the dead of winter
  • Bacteria and odors from previous litters
“The peace of mind that comes with this box is worth the purchase price alone!” —M Miller, PA

Are you ready for a whelping box that works?

A whelping box should keep everyone—including you—happy and comfortable all night long. Meet the EZS Whelper, the industry's most innovative whelping box for breeders who insist on cutting edge equipment.

"The Last Whelping Box We Will Ever Need..."

"I own Green Dog Inn, a full service canine facility. We board, train, groom, and whelp for our clients. I have been in business for over 20 years.

"Prior to purchasing my EZS Whelper, I spoke to Ivan. I could feel the passion and care that went into the design of this whelping box. I have used several different whelping boxes over the years, including the highest rated ones on the market. With each one, I had to use either electric heating pads or hot water bottles to keep the puppies warm, and in all cases the sides of the box were too high and the bitch would have to jump into the box, with the potential to land on a pup.

"The EZS Whelper is another class altogether. The stainless is sanitary and looks amazing. The sides are lower so not only can the bitch see out, she can step into the box instead of jumping in. The integrated heater is safe and easy to set. The pups tend to stay in the middle of the box with the help of the sloping floor and centralized heater, which makes it easy for Momma to get settled.

"I have always prided myself for the cleanliness and higher standard of my whelping room. Well no more purchasing a new whelping box every couple of years. The EZS Whelper is the last whelping box we will ever need. Thank you, Ivan!"

—Bonnie Waseleski, owner of Green Dog Inn

"Kept all of my puppies safe​"

"The whelping box kept all of my puppies safely in the center of the box. I didn’t have to worry about the puppies wandering from the mommy and getting cold. The EZS whelping box is a must for raising puppies."

Travis Wagler

​How does the EZS save more puppies?

There's nothing else like it. Its revolutionary design helps eliminate roaming puppies, overheated mothers, fire hazards, and hassle.

​Slanted Floor

A slanted floor helps keep the puppies in the center when they are most vulnerable to neglect and suffocation.

The angled floor also keeps the puppies cozy without overheating the mother because the edge of the floor is further from the heater.

In-Floor Electric Heat

​Never worry about the possibility of a puppy suffocating under a make-shift heating pad, the fire hazard of an open flame heater, ​or the danger of an overhead lamp falling onto the puppies.

An electronic thermostat built into the side of the box makes it easy to keep the puppies cozy, even on the coldest nights of the year. A GFI breaker in the cord protects you in the case of a short.

Plus, the EZS runs on only several dollars a month, less than a third of the cost of running a 250-watt heat lamp! 

Easy to Clean​

A stainless steel body assembled with hand-tightening nuts and a removable, washable mat​ ​make clean-up a breeze​.

Simply wipe down the stainless steel daily and power wash the box and mat between litters to avoid bacteria and odor build-up and to keep your inspector smiling!

​Excellent Craftsmanship

Stainless steel construction eliminates the worries of paint peeling or your dog chewing on the box.

Skillful welds, quality components, and a revolutionary design ensure your investment will pay you back for many years to come.


​designed and built by dog breeders

10 Year Limited Warranty

​on all stainless steel parts

​Customers love their EZS Whelpers!

​“Must-have is an over-used phrase; but this whelping box is the true definition of must-have for any dog breeder! The construction of the box is of the highest quality, with ​professional ​welding. There are no sharp edges, and the stainless steel construction makes cleaning and sanitation a breeze. I am very pleased with how durable the mat is, and how easily it removes for cleaning. The heat control box is rugged and easy to use. The optional sloped bottom is pure genius. I have no doubt that this whelping box will stand up to years of regular use.

"The first time I used this box. One evening it went down to the low 30’s. I adjusted the heat and went to bed, never bothering to check on the puppies. The next morning, puppies and mom were perfectly comfortable, and I was well rested!

"If you’re in the market for a whelping box, the safety of this one versus the competition is another aspect you cannot afford to ignore. There are zero open flames or gas burners, and the peace of mind that comes with that is worth the purchase price alone!

"I’m a picky customer, and I picked the EZ Whelper!”
M. Miller – PA

"I want to thank you again for making a custom whelping box for my Newfoundland. She now has room to lay down without laying against the sides. My nephew bought my smaller one for his golden retrievers and loves it also.

"I really like the new thermostat you installed in this box. This is her third litter, the first with the new box and the puppies dry quicker, stay warm, stay in the middle so mom doesn't lay on them and they don’t have to pileup on each other from being cold. And the box is easy to clean.

"A must-have for any dog breeder."

A. Schmucker – Clymer NY – Lakeview Gentle Giants

"Yesterday the USDA was here and saw my new EZS Whelper, and said, 'I like to see that!'"

D. Yoder – Goshen, IN

"Unless you got a special whelping setup, I would not do without these. These things are awesome!"

D&K Bontrager – Shipshewana, IN

"Yes, we really like our EZS Whelper. It keeps the pups in the center more, so the mom can get in and out easier."

H. Wengerd – Dundee, OH

"I really like those EZS Whelpers. I'm thinking about buying another one."

M. Graber — Grabill, IN

"I really like your EZS Whelper for my French Bulldogs. Works great!"

D. Yoder – Topeka, IN

"​This is the cleanest, most convenient whelping box I have ever used."

EZS Whelper Customer

Choose Your Size and Add-ons

"I paid off my box in one litter."  —EZS Whelper Customer
22" x 30"

For mothers that weigh ​less than 20 pounds.



Plus $95 shipping and 6% sales tax.

Processing ...
46" x 52"

For mothers that weigh more than 45 pounds.



Plus $120 shipping and 6% sales tax.

Processing ...

Want to save on shipping? If you would like to have us ship your order to a commercial address or your nearest freight terminal or if you'd like to pick up your order from a dealer or order more than one box, please contact a dealer instead of purchasing online.

EZS Whelper Add-ons

Trim Kit

Extra Mat

High Strength Mat

22" x 30"




36" x 46"




46" x 52"




Optional Trim Kit

The trim kit replaces the top rail of the whelping box once the puppies are old enough to crawl out of the box, and lets them get back into the box.

​Disposable Mats

​The disposable mats are for single-litter use and make clean-up easier.

Are you ready to save more puppies with the industry's most advanced equipment?

The EZS Whelper is the industry's leading whelping box engineered to keep your puppies safe and warm without overheating the mother, so you can sleep like a baby all night long—even in the dead of winter!

Call or email Ivan for a quote and to learn whether an EZS Whelper is right for you. Ivan is the forward-thinking pioneer who invented this whelping box, and he'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Call Ivan at 717-419-2270 or click the button below and send him an email.